Our Slogan,

Filtration is our passion

does not just apply to the quality of our products. An open, cooperative and constructive dialogue with our clients, suppliers and employees contributes to a positive product running, which is the base of customer satisfaction and therefore the prerequisite for our economic success.

The satisfaction of our customers is the most important criterion of the long-term company strategy. Investments should be made on a regular basis to maintain our competitiveness.

Motivated employees are the most important factor for our company to remain successful. The professional education and development is promoted within the existing possibilities internally and externally. Thus, our employees feel integrated, stay motivated and can contribute continuously to our success with new ideas and growing responsibility.

As part of the social community, we commit ourselves to exemplary behavior towards our employees, our environment, our neighbors in the region and of course our customers, suppliers and other business partner, which are most important for our lasting success.

Policy Statement

 The most important corporate objectives are:

  • Customer satisfaction through highest product quality and appointment loyalty
  • Employee satisfaction
  • Further development of the company
  • Maintaining the organizational structure
  • Continuous improvement of our products and operational processes