Filtertubes and filterbags

Experienced and qualified

Our qualified sales team
has been working in the filter branch for more than 20 years.

Because of this we have a profound knowhow combined with a good network of partners to handle your requests.

Regular training allows us to combine wellknown technics with new innovations.

Customer satisfaction

Your satisfaction is our priority number 1!

Due to our long experience in the market, for problems which are new to you we do most oft he times have the solutions already

And if you really need a special solution we already know what to take care of before problems occur.


- Replacement of filterelements
- Maintenance of your complete plant
- Dust- and materialanalysis
- Consulting of individual accesories (e.g. cages)
- Precise service
- Just-in-time delivery

“Wir fertigen unsere Produkte in
Deutschland. Aus Überzeugung.
Und Qualitätsgründen.”

Our team

- Always there for you -
H.-H. Baden

H.-H. Baden


Tel.: +49(0)571/64644-0

T. Schweiger

T. Schweiger


Tel.: +49(0)571/64644-0

S. Kuhlemann

S. Kuhlemann

Sales / Quality Manager

Tel.: +49(0)571/64644-12

Our services

Versatile. Fast. Tailored for your needs.
Made in Germany

Made in Germany

Quality at the top

Made in Germany - thats not just an attribute of Schulwitz GmbH. It's a promise.

We have chosen Germany for our production because here we have our developement, production, processing and sales at one location.

With our qualified professionals we can react fast and competent on your wishes and are able to go new ways to solve you problems.

You can count on that: To guarantee a constantly high quality of our products
and services we have installed a complete quality management system.



High hygiene demands

Good manufacturing practices
(GMP) means dealing especially sensible with your filtermedium.

While doing so we have specially trained professionals we protective gear in a desinfected enviroment.

Certified Materials
From maschine oil up to needle felt and weave:
Only materials which are made for contact with food will be used in this production process.

The finished article will afterwards we packed in certified foil und prevent any kind of contamination.

Fachlich Kompetent

Specialized Knowledge

Because of years of experience

Our professionals make sure of precision and flexibility and guarantee Just in time-delivery.

By the right choice of the filtermedium and a
qualitative high production process we achieve a high life time of our products and by this we reduce your maintenance costs.

How do we achieve this?
A specially for you assigned salesman takes care of your needs.
By his yearlong experience he can also solve your complex problems.


- Current events -

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